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Pro MX Sport sponsorship program has as its goal to help and support the ATV's in Quebec and Canada. We are proud to bring our contribution in our own way to this unique sport. We know that the racers work hard to achieve a high level of performance and that is why Pro MX Sport thinks it is important to support them. Whether you are beginner or a pro racer, we want the sponsorship program to be an effective way to accompagny you throughout all the racing season.

Good race season to everyone.


If you are accepted, you will receive an email and you will be part of the official Pro MX Sport racing team. This will entitle you to privileges on certain parts and discounts on your purchases throughout the season (it may vary depending on rider)

N.B Those whose application will not be chosen, will not leave empty handed. Get a 5% OFF on all your Pro MX Sport Purchases online or in store.To Qualify, simply register on our newsletter on our web site and ''Like'' us on our Facebook page.

Add our logo* to your ATV's graphioc kit and get an additionnal 5% discount for a total of up to 10% OFF on all your purchases.

*See the logo requirements below


Program requirements for those accepted :

-        Be approved by Pro MX Sport program.

-        Sign the sponsorship agreement of Pro MX Sport and return it by email or mail (contact us tab).

-        Download Pro MX Sport logo and add it to all of your race ATV's graphic kit.

-        Respect the logo's location and dimensions on the ATV's graphic kit according to the example below.

-        Pro MX Sport logo must appear on both sides of the ATV.

-        ''Like'' Pro MX Sport and GPS Offroad Products page on Facebook .

-        Share on Facebook Pro MX Sport and GPS Offroad Products at least 10 times throughout all the racing season.

-        Subscribe to our newsletter on our web site


Download the logo here: 


Logo requirements :